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LucidDreamBotweb.telegram.orgLook at your hands. Does something look strange?

Never forget your reality checks

Practicing reality checks is hard, but LucidDreamBot makes it easy. Receive your reality checks through Telegram, a privacy focused messaging client, available for your phone, tablet and computer.

Custom Reality Checks

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Customize your reality checks

Customize and add as many as you need. Want to receive reality checks in your own language? Easy, just edit them. Every reality check you'll get will be a random one from your list.


22, Canada, Experienced

"I followed what LucidDreamBot said to do for a day and a half and I must say that I had a successful and VERY controlled lucid dream, thank you. Will continue to use."


22, Brazil, Beginner

"I already had 3 lucid dreams because of LucidDreamBot. The reality checks are really useful and probably within weeks your brain is going to do by itself! Amazing tool."

Interval Settings

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Reality Checks when you need them

Fit your practice to your schedule. Set your start and ending time, and the interval you want to receive them on. From every 15 minutes, till every 6 hours.

Tuesday, November 24th

Tonight I dreamt that I was at the beach with Angela. We just went surfing and were now sitting on the sand. The sky looked quite strange, which somehow reminded me to look at my hand and do a reality check. While looking at my hand I realised it wasn't my hand, but a crab claw. Obviously I became lucid and...

Your own dream journal

Save your dreams in your own dream journal. You can type them out, or if you don't want to stare at a bright screen first thing waking up, just record a voice message and record your dream. Training dream recall just became easy.

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  • Learn everything you need to know in the mini-course
  • Never forget your reality checks
  • Be able to record your dream journals in a voice message
  • Your own reality checks on your own schedule
  • Join a young community of likeminded dreamers
  • Save and review your dream journals in your dashboard
  • Journal for consecutive days to earn a streak