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Your reasons to learn to lucid dream

When you set out to learn to lucid dream it is important to know your why, your reason(s). Getting the skills to lucid dream is not done in an afternoon, it can take some time. But if you practice consistently and diligently you will see results. Now sometimes you might not feel like doing a reality check or writing in your dream journal. At those moments it is important to know why started, what your reasons are.

Now you might be new to lucid dreaming and heard about people flying through the sky or having sex with the partner of their dreams. So what else is possible in a lucid dream? The short answer is anything you can think of! But that answer is as useless as a chocolate teapot, so let's dive into the longer answer...

Overcoming the limitations of reality with lucid dreaming

In our waking reality we are limited by a number of things. Some of those are physical, while others are mental limitations. The laws of physics are an example of a hard physical limitation. Trying to run across the ceiling is unfortunately not going to work. We have to live within the constraints of these laws.

Now there are also mental limitations. These aren't set in stone like the laws of physics, but still have a lot of effect on how you behave. Examples of these are your values and beliefs. Since a child you are exposed to the beliefs and values of society. You become accustomed to certain rules.

A very extreme example is that it is better to wear clothes when your going grocery shopping. Although it sounds like lots of fun to stroll naked through the store to do some grocery shopping, it will most likely end up in a conversation with the police and probably mental health professionals...

The values of our society establishes the norm, and this would cross them big time. When you dream things are different. You are not constrained by any physical laws or values and beliefs you hold. You are free to do whatever you want. You can fly through the sky, explore the deep oceans, teleport to other worlds or finally run on the ceiling. The only thing limiting you is your imagination!

So what can you do in a lucid dream?

Let's discuss some more tangible examples of what you can do when lucid dreaming. As discussed in the beginning of this article, a lot of peoples first experiences involve fulfilling a deep inner desire like flying through the sky or having sex, but there is so much. Let's discuss some of the possibilities.

Fulfilling wishes

In your dreams you can fulfill deep desires and wishes. This is even embedded in our way of talking. We speak of the 'house of my dreams' or getting that 'dream job'. When reflecting on how we use these words it is like we already know that our dreams are very special.

Acting on these desires and wishes is of great pleasure. You can fly through the sky, live out sexual fantasies, indulge in exotic feasts, do dangerous stunts or grasp power and become the ruler of your dream world. Like I said in the beginning, the possibilities are endless.

Go on adventure

A lot of oneironauts (someone that explores his or her dreams) use their dreams to go on adventure. It can be the perfect stage to write your own adventure. You can be the hero of your story or simply a spectator.

Now you can influence this story to extend you want, or you can see where you end up. The beauty of it is that your story isn't lost. It can go on indefinitely, writing a new part of the story each night.

Using a lucid dream to practice

Dreams can be scary, but you are safely asleep in your bed. Now this makes it the perfect stage to practice certain skills that can be intimidating in real life. For example, giving a speech in front of a huge crowd. You can practice your skill of public speaking extensively, without the fear you would have in real life. There have been many people who conquered their fear of public speaking by practicing it in their dreams.

Now this can be applied to many other things, for example rehearsing a job interview, an important performance, asking someone on a date or even sports performance. There is a lot of research showing how the visualization of movement improves the motor skill.

Lucid Dreaming to resolve loose ends

When someone close to you passes away, there might have been things we still wanted to have said. Questions we will never know the answer to. This can be the cause of a lot of turmoil.

In a lucid dream it is possible to resolve those loose ends. It is obvious that the person we dream of isn't really there, but it can still give a lot of emotional healing to be able to talk to them, ask them questions or just give them a hug.

Paul Tholey is a researcher in the field of oneirology. He studies the use of lucid dreaming to resolve inner conflict. He concluded that resolution can be achieved by having dialogues with someone who has passed away.

Lucid dreaming for creativity and problem solving

Dreams have always been a source of inspiration and creativity. There are numerous cases of people having epiphanies in their dreams. Like the master golfer Jack Nicklaus, that dreamed about a new way to hold his golf club. This new technique improved his golfing tremendously.

A Russian chemist named Mendeleev invented the Periodic Table in a dream. Neuroscientist Otto Loewi won a Nobel Prize for a discovery that came from an experiment he dreamed of. Paul McCartney's songs 'Yesterday' and 'Let it be' both came to him in his sleep.

Now it becomes really interesting when a dream is lucid. At that point we can influence this creative and problem solving process. A great use case is the artist Aphex Twin who used lucid dreaming to create music for his album 'Selected Ambient Works Volume II'.

He used to go to sleep in his studio for short periods and when he found himself dreaming he imagined himself in an alien music studio. In it where all these exotic music instruments on which he would then play. The results where the strangest melodies. If you give the album a listen you can definitely hear the influence.

Overcoming nightmares

Nightmares are terrible. We wake up drenched in sweat, gasping for air as we open our eyes, to realize is was all just a terrible dream. As a kid my first experience with lucid dreams was when having nightmares. Every time I had a nightmare I became lucid and realized I was dreaming, at which point I chose to wake up.

However, other then waking up when becoming lucid in a nightmare you can empower yourself. By realizing you are safe in bed and just dreaming most of the terror of the nightmare will vanish. At that point you can confront your nightmare, in whatever form it has attained. When you do this you improve your confidence and strengthen your courage.

The tip of the iceberg

Hopefully the above examples gave you a clearer view of what is possible in the realm of lucid dreams. We've only discussed the tip of the iceberg with each of these topics. In future blog posts we'll discuss each of them in depth.

To conclude this article I want you to think about what you would like to do in your lucid dreams. Would you set out on an incredible adventure? Imagine new musical melodies like Aphex Twin? Live out a longheld wish? Fly to Mars and explore it? Take some time to think about it. like I said in the beginning of this article, the possibilities are endless!

🌙 This article is part of the mini course that comes with the 7 day free trial. Test out LucidDreamBot and get all the knowledge needed to kick-off your lucid dreaming journey. Click here to register.